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    Who we Serve

    Here at Livewell we believe that mental health counseling, when applied holistically, can assist individuals with psychiatric, developmental, cognitive, emotional, or physical disabilities to achieve their maximum level of independence, integration, and participation in the community and in their personal lives. The population we serve at Livewell ranges from children (ages 4 and up) to the elderly. We have staff that are clinically trained in treating individuals, children, couples and families with a wide range of mental health issues. The services we provide for the population we serve are as follows:

    • Child, Adolescent, and Teen Therapy
    • Individual and Family Therapy
    • Couples Counseling
    • Court ordered counseling services for children and families
    • One Heart, Two Homes Co-parenting Course
    • Parenting Wiseely Parenting Course
    • Lifeskills Management

    Some of the concerns we typically address are as follows:

    • Trauma
    • Depression and Anxiety
    • Phase of Life Issues
    • Parenting
    • Co-parenting
    • ADD and ADHD
    • Grief and Loss
    • Maternal Mental Health and other women issues
    • LGBTQI
    • Lifeskills Management

    If you decide to start your therapeutic journey with Livewell, your initial session will include a full psychological assessment and a treatment plan that is developed to personalize your individual treatment goals. This process helps you and your therapist make the most of your therapeutic time together.

    For more information our specialties, please click on the Meet our Team link for detailed profiles and clinical experience.