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  • "Laughter is my medication of choice because it brings healing to the soul".

    Danelle Drayton, MS, ACSW

    Danelle Drayton earned her Bachelor of Arts in Social Work with a certificate in Conflict Resolution in 2006 from University of Northern Iowa. She subsequently earned her Masters of Social Work in 2021 from Walden University.

    Danelle began her career in Atlanta Georgia working with at risk youth in both inpatient and out-patient settings. After working with youth, she gained experience providing outpatient counseling to assist adults with severe mental illness to overcome daily struggles so they could live comfortably within the communities in which they lived. Danelle answered a spiritual call to move to California and began using Trauma Informed Care to assist homeless women and children who experienced intimate partnership violence to safely relocate, obtain stable housing, and address mental health challenges. Her current experience involved her working with adults over 60 in both Fresno and Madera Counties to resolve physical and mental limitations so they may remain safely in their homes.

    In addition to the skills learned throughout her career her educational experiences have prepared her to also include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused therapy to assist individuals in gaining healing as it is her goal to help those whom are interested maintain self-sufficiency and control over their own purpose and destiny.

    Danelle is a practicing Christian and uses faith as a form of healing with those who share her faith. Danelle’s work has been strongly influenced by her belief in the Christ Jesus, for whom she seeks direction and guidance. Danelle believes in the basic social work principles of being non-judgmental, empathetic, and compassionate.