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    About Livewell

    We first want to say “thank you” for choosing Livewell Behavioral Health as your mental health provider.  You have taken the difficult and sometimes necessary step towards doing the hard work of healing; and we understand this decision was not an easy one. We are here to provide you a professional and safe place to do just that – heal.

    Livewell BHC Vision

    The mission of Livewell Behavioral Health is simple – to provide clients with clinically sound and culturally relevant therapeutic services to the behaviorally, emotionally and spiritually challenged population in the Fresno County and surrounding areas. In addition, Livewell is committed to empowering our wider community, including individuals and families, by providing a wide range of therapeutic and support services utilizing the latest treatment modalities. Livewell BHC supports the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of those in need and encourages everyone to reach for their best self and their fullest potential.

    Why Choose Us

    Here at Livewell BHC we take your decision to choose us seriously. We want Livewell to the be a place of emotional healing and growth. We are professionals who are truly passionate about our purpose and we take pride in what we do. We believe in the power of healing through the therapeutic relationship and talk therapy. Our hope is that Livewell BHC will be the foundation on which you start your journey towards healing and growth, and I strongly believe that each of our staff members have the expertise that can provide the support that you have been seeking. For more information please click the “meet the team” link to review staff bios.

    We are excited that you have decided to embark on your journey towards building an emotionally heathier you, and we are grateful that you have chosen us to guide you on along the way.


    Michelle McCoy, LMFT
    Owner and Clinical Supervisor